CyanCedar Memberships

CyanCedar Memberships is a responsive (mobile-friendly) web application to manage the constituents of non-profit organizations.


  • Simple search for finding members (constituents & volunteers) quickly
  • Track, categorize and report on donations, volunteer hours, and memberships
  • Easy list management for handling expiring memberships, volunteers, and other custom lists via attributes
  • Addresses can be managed seasonally by start and end dates
  • Many reports including how funding goals are being met broken out by campaigns and events in a given year
  • All data can be exported into Excel or CSV format and further analyzed in Microsoft Excel or equivalent product
  • Easy to maintain administrative control tables for the various categories and options

How Do I Get CyanCedar Memberships?

The CyanCedar Memberships database is hosted on a Microsoft SQL Server managed by CyanCedar LLC.

Please email us to get more information.